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Sari Rose Barron, M.S., LMFT




SoCal Individual, Family, & Trauma Therapy is a group therapy practice developed out of the increasing need for mental health support and the commitment to bring the highest quality of care to the community.  As the director and founder of this group practice, I love what I do. I believe in the therapeutic process deeply and in the power of growth and change.  I felt it was of utmost importance to create a group of exceptional clinicians dedicated to the therapeutic process. We do more than provide a warm and safe space for our clients to heal and grow.  Each clinician on the team is a specialist with credentials, certifications, and specialty training in a variety of modalities, bringing the highest level of care to our clients' unique needs.


Many individuals seek out therapy because they are in pain.  The first challenge is often alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, life and work stress, relational problems, grief problems, and sometimes managing traumatic experiences.  For those who seek further growth after the immediate pain is resolved, the clinician will work to help you identify and address repetitive patterns that get in the way of you living your fullest life.  


We are here for you.

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