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Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a unique and compassionate form of therapy that helps individuals understand and heal their internal emotional world. Think of it as a method to explore the different facets of yourself – much like members of a family, each with their own distinct roles, personalities, and emotions.


At the heart of IFS is the belief that our psyche is made up of sub-personalities or "parts". Some parts might take on protective roles, shielding us from pain, while others might carry burdens of hurt or negative beliefs. These parts can sometimes be in conflict with each other, leading to internal struggles and emotional pain.


Why use IFS in a session?

In IFS therapy, the goal is to help you get to know these parts, understand their
intentions, and learn how they contribute to your overall well-being. It's a bit like being a
compassionate, curious leader within your own mind, bringing harmony to these parts.
The therapist guides you in this journey, helping you to listen to each part without
judgment, understand its role, and transform it in a way that is beneficial for your entire system.


A central concept in IFS is the "Self" – a core aspect of your being that is characterized by qualities like compassion, calmness, and clarity. IFS helps you to access this Self and lead the internal system from this place of strength and kindness.

Who does this approach work best for?

This approach can be particularly empowering for those who feel overwhelmed by their emotions or internal conflicts. By recognizing and respecting the different parts of themselves, individuals can find a more harmonious and self-compassionate way of being. In essence, IFS provides a roadmap for internal healing and self-discovery, leading to greater emotional balance and psychological health.

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